Fayette Chamber of Commerce Information

The Fayette Chamber of Commerce exists to support and promote economic enterprise and community development in central Fayette County, Pennsylvania, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for all county residents. The Chamber is the largest business organization in the county, with approximately 600 active members.

Membership in the Chamber provides you with everything from opportunities to contribute actively to plans and programs that will affect the future of your business, and provides you with access to a network with an influential voice in community and economic development – both locally and state-wide.

Your business can improve its bottom line by taking advantage of:  Member to Member discounts, competitively-priced health insurance, business insurance that earns dividends, payroll and credit bureau services, discount energy program (for both residential AND business entities) low-cost advertising opportunities, and other chamber products.  You also benefit from building business relationships through networking, expos, and referrals.

And no matter the size of your enterprise, the Chamber is “in business for business.” Not only do members receive a range of programs, services, and activities focused on promoting progress in Fayette County, but in collaboration with other community and economic development agencies, local government, and private groups, the Chamber actively sponsors improvement projects: the completion of the vital Mon-Fayette expressway; development of a recreational walkway around the downtown Uniontown area; small business improvement seminars and resources; liaison with area officials and legislators; and business-education partnerships for curriculum development, student career guidance, and overall school system improvement.

The Chamber also serves the general public as a primary visitor information source about the greater Uniontown and Fayette County areas, providing recreational packets, maps, brochures, tourist information, and referrals to member businesses.


Fayette Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement: The Fayette Chamber of Commerce is an action-oriented association of business and professional people incorporated to promote a favorable business climate for members and their communities, and to provide leadership and support for local business and their efforts to improve the local economy, education systems, political environment, and overall quality of life.

The Mission of the Redstone Foundation is to provide financial support for the educational and community development activities and programs sponsored by the Fayette Chamber of Commerce, and to promote and develop the economic, civic, cultural and social welfare of the citizens of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, through education and outreach projects and programs.


Muriel J. Nuttall, Executive Director; Kathleen J. Dowling, Membership Services Coordinator; Deborah Hull, Financial Manager; Majorie Noone, Office Assistant;

Diane Newcomer, Docket


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